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Al-sharef Law Firm (lawyer in Jeddah)

Lawyer in Jeddah Saudi Arabia – Al-sharef Law Firm is one of the most professional law firms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for companies and individuals.

Since the legal framework plays pivotal roles in helping companies grow and succeed, we provide many legal services to protect you as well as prevent any legal problem in the future that affects your business.

Since commercial companies and the law are closely linked within the framework of the law andour firm has a selection of qualified consultants and licensed attorneys who are competent with their long experience and their dedication to providing excellent results and high legal protection.
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Lawyer in Jeddah

In today’s topic, we will explain how to choose a lawyer in Jeddah who owns a law firm in the city approved by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice and has the necessary experience and qualifications.

Are you looking for the best lawyer in Jeddah for legal advice for companies and individuals?
Are you not sure how to choose the right lawyer to file your case with the court, or do you want to formulate an objection list or a partnership contract with private and non-private parties?
Do you need a law firm in Jeddah to represent you and your company legally?
Are you looking for the best attorney for Jeddah inheritance cases?

Whether you are going through a real estate transaction, filing a commercial lawsuit, or you need advice on drafting a contract of will and otherwise, appointing a lawyer and relying on him to hold and manage your legal business, if you are accused of a felony or a criminal misdemeanor and you need to consult the best criminal lawyer, Then you are in the right place in the Advocate Abdul Aziz Bin Patel Law Firm.

محامي شركات في جدة


Best lawyer office in Jeddah

Al-sharef Law Firm is a licensed and accredited company in the Saudi Ministry of Justice. We have a specialized legal team of lawyers and consultants with long experience and who have serious dealings with regard to clients’ rights, and services that reach several cities in Saudi Arabia.Al-sharef Advocates and Legal Consultants seeks to provide legal services by harnessing long experiences from practice in the field of law for all fields in achieving professional success and providing professional services at the highest expected rate.


In order to provide great value to our customers and we must employ the utmost skill and professionalism by designing specific paths and methodologies for each company commensurate with its specialization and fields in order for our plans to work efficiently. Our teams handle all legal issues and aspects with a high level of responsibility in order to give our clients the time and space to focus on the tasks of the business itself.


To be an ideal for law firms and to coordinate and work in line with the law when it comes to the world of business as well as focus on the growth and autonomy of companies and individuals.

محامي تجاري في جدة

Our services

Providing highly efficient and cost effective legal services since the second millennium and our legal team at the Jeddah Advocate Office has several years of combined high experience and we can assist you in meeting your legal and other needs. Our main business areas include:

Liquidation of inheritance
Execution of judgments and debt collection
Direct issues
Foreign investment
Preparing and drafting contracts
To find out more about how we can help you, visit our information center or call a lawyer in Jeddah on our website.


Lawyers’ fees in Jeddah

The fee for the case that the lawyer fights to resolve your case. then advisory and practical services such as drafting rules and providing the necessary documents and correspondence and meetings and interviews with government and other competent authorities or representation before courts, judicial bodies and other bodies, developing defense strategies, studying the case and its strengths and weaknesses.

How are the fees calculated?

Fees are determined according to the amount of the claim and the necessary effort made to the case by the lawyer, within the limits of moderation and custom circulating in the law firms, which may be subject to the supervision of the bar in estimating the attorney fees in the event of a dispute, God forbid.

Documenting wills and dividing estates

Definition the legal document in which people explain how they wish to divide their property when they die, so we provides legal services to assist people in writing these wills

Inheritances and legacies

Al-sharef Advocates and Legal Consultants specializes in issues related to the division of assets between legal heirs, and family disputes in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and elsewhere often involve the division of inheritance between inherited relatives.

Most of the time this happens if the owner of the inheritance fails to formulate his will properly, then instances when the rights of legitimate and illegitimate children are unclear.

Real estate and land issues

At Al sharef Law Firm, we have a team that specializes in real estate issues related to the buying or selling process. Also we can also provide the necessary advice in all aspects of real estate transactions, including:

  • Real estate purchases and sales.
  • Mortgage refinancing.
  • Real estate transfer and registration.
  • Documentation agencies in Jeddah.
  • Everything related to real estate emptying transactions.

We can guide you through our attorneys in Al-sharef office through our certified lawyers in Jeddah. We advise you on all aspects of a real estate transaction.

Establishing and liquidating companies

If you need a corporate lawyer in Jeddah and the surrounding areas, Al sharef Lawyer Office in Jeddah can help you by providing legal services to companies, traders and advice regarding:

  1. Establishing companies and registering them with the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  2. Business combinations, business sales and purchases.
  3. Commercial finance and leases.
  4. Drafting work agreements and contracts.
  5. Liquidation of companies.
  6. Declaration of bankruptcy.
محامي شركات في جدة – companies lawyer in jeddah

Labor issues and labor office issues

Al sharef Law Firms in Jeddah can guide you in protecting your legal rights between you and your work and organizing the relationship. We have over 15 years of experience in handling labor issues and litigation. And the labor office committees in the Kingdom.

Litigating labor cases before the courts, as our company represents clients in many labor cases of various names, including:

  • Overtime wages, minimum wages, and accumulated wages.
  • Executive compensation, commissions and unpaid.
  • Other work-related matters.

Trade and customs issues

When you want to establish a business, you need a commercial contract. And the commercial contract: It is a written agreement that is considered evidence of the conditions that have been agreed upon, regulating the relationship between the two parties.

Commercial lawyer in Jeddah

Al-sharef Law Firm provides a commercial contract organized according to terms and standards that satisfy both parties, to protect your business in the future in the event of any dispute. Therefore, you should consult a commercial lawyer in Jeddah who specializes in providing you with the best commercial legal advice.

Contract management and negotiation attorney

When negotiating a contract or agreement, it must be sent to a specialized legal advisor, and if the work is sent to a legal advisor, he will study and formulate it for you and organize management and negotiation in accordance with the terms and legal standards.

Debt collection attorney

Al sharef Law Firm works to collect debt quickly and efficiently. When the issue is related to non-payment of debt, we are well equipped to achieve the best results in a timely manner, according to conditions and standards for collection, method of communication and reporting of reports to the target with great care.

Commercial debt collection and recovery

Al sharef Office provides several competitive or fixed fee structures for commercial debt recovery and collection, depending on the size and nature of the current debt. To find out more about our competitive pricing and the results our company can achieve.

Bankruptcy advice

Al-sharef debt collection office in Jeddah also provides legal advice to creditors when debtors apply for bankruptcy protection. Our debt collection attorneys understand bankruptcy law and can provide cost-effective advice about debt collection in the context of bankruptcy proceedings.

Lawyer legal advice in Jeddah

Al-sharef Law Firm in Jeddah provides legal and legal advice services to applicants in Jeddah and Makkah, which are considered one of the most requested legal services.

محامي جنائي في جدة

Mobile number of a lawyer in Jeddah:

Defense is the most anticipated and recognized aspect of the legal profession, which is what the best lawyer in Jeddah does, and defense consists of presenting arguments and defending before the courts. This is one of the most important methods and stages in the trial.

You can contact the office of Al-sharef lawyer in Jeddah and get legal advice in Jeddah through the numbers shown on the site or through the contact form on the Contact Us page, or on the number: 920007133

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